My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Shoto Todoroki Colored Contact Lenses


    Inspiration Speak of Shoto Todoroki, his original cold, aloof personality which stemmed from his abusive upbringing and complicated family life was so impressed. After all,  Shoto was notably became more sociable and kind,...

    My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Himiko Toga Colored Contact Lenses

    Inspiration "I just wanna love, live and die my way. My normal way. I wanna be even more like the people I love." —  Himiko Toga  Himiko is the most cute...

    My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Tsuyu Asui Colored Contact Lenses

    Applicable to both light & dark eyes! My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Tsuyu Asui Colored Contact Lenses can completely cover the color of your own pupils. Just like Tsuyu Asui's eyes. Tsuyu...

    My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Izuku Midoriya Colored Contact Lenses

    Inspiration "It's not all black-and-white. Most things in this world are in shades of gray. A blend of fear and anger. Which is why... I've gotta extend a helping hand."...

    My Hero Academia - LUMEYE Sirius Colored Contact Lenses

    Inspiration Obsessed with Sirius? So do we! Sirius appears to be a generally friendly individual who was keen on teaching Tsuyu Asui the importance of becoming a hero. She is highly respectful...

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